First Modular Apartment Building in NYC Opens | Gluck+ | ADDoA

THE STACK addresses the need for moderate-income housing in Manhattan.  It finds opportunity on a small, difficult urban site through the alternative method of offsite construction.  Offsite construction offers an accelerated schedule and shorter financing period, turning sites that might otherwise be considered risky and turning them into opportunities.  It is a pilot project for developing a quality and economically viable housing solution to strategically rebuilding and filling gaps in outmoded housing infrastructure in the city.

Although not necessary to its construction methodology, the design of this 7-storey residential building expresses its offsite modular construction.  Each individual unit is legible but also reads as part of a knit-together whole.  Inside, different combinations of units provide structural integrity, as well as a diverse selection in the kinds of layouts for tenants.


The Legacy of Frackpool | Jason Lamb | Via

Chinese investment prompts the transitory integration of hydraulic fracturing within Blackpool, for the exploitation of shale gas. An unconventional approach towards hydraulic fracturing instigates urban regeneration and provides a framework which cultivates new industries, generates sustainable water systems and induces renewable methods of energy production.

Thirty-five fracking stations are integrated and a sustainable offshore community is constructed to offset effected communities. During fracking the station serves as a platform from which shale gas can be extracted, processed and distributed.

Over an 80 year timespan, the project speculates the transformation of Blackpool from an industrial Petropolis, to a less resource dependent and decentralized sustainable city. Industrial infrastructure once used for hydraulic fracturing is repurposed to process energy crops and grey water from the region. As a method of urban regeneration, the legacy plan aims to enhance socio-economic and well-being opportunities for communities in Blackpool.


Cities Reassembled | Mister Mourao | Tumblr | Socks Studio

Mister Mourao (aka Vasco Mourao) is a Portuguese architect turned into a freelance illustrator with (as he explains) “a tendency for obsessive drawing“. His methodical and detailed illustrations represent real or invented structures and buildings always from different perspectives. The buildings are sometimes exploded or distorted, fragmented and reassembled. The simplicity of the black line contrasts with the richness of the compositions.